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Why did I forget things? What you should know about memory

Has it ever happened to you that you can’t find the house key or don’t know where you left the glasses? It is a very common problem, since most people experience occasional moments of memory loss, and cannot always blame themselves on their age. In reality the causes are many, and although …

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SOS in your brain: Warning signs of a stroke

SOS stroke A stroke is not as fulminant as many fear. By being alert to certain signals, you have the possibility to discover when something abnormal is happening in your brain and seek help immediately to avoid serious consequences. These signals are like small SOS that your brain sends to tell you that …

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Why do men live less than women?

What can you do to change this? Statistics indicate that men die earlier than women from diseases that, in general, can be prevented. One of the main causes is that men often hide their discomforts, avoid going to the doctor, and usually do not get the recommended periodic exams . Here we tell you …

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Exercise prevents dementia in some seniors

A new study adds evidence that proves the advantages of physical exercise not only to maintain strong muscles and flexible joints but also the brain skills of the elderly. Discover more details in this study and get into action. As the years go by, the body changes. And so they can decrease …

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