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Marriage reduces the risk of heart attack for both spouses

It is true that the couple sometimes gives us headaches but in the long run, the stability and love that marital life implies seem to have health benefits, especially of the heart. Discover what a new study on this subject has found, apparently one more advantage of living as a couple.

A study developed by researchers from the Hospital of the University of Turku, in Finland, has found that marriage would reduce the risk of having a heart attack or heart attack and of dying from such a cause, both in men and women of any age .

Not only that, marriage and life as a couple have been associated with a greater chance of surviving a heart attack before the patient is hospitalized and after arriving alive at the hospital, especially in men and women of medium age.

To reach these data, which were published in the January 31 issue of the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology , the researchers analyzed data from more than 15,300 people who suffered heart attacks between 1993 and 2002, of which around 7,700 They died during the 28 days after the attack.

Observing the role that marriage could play in heart health, researchers found that unmarried men were between 55 and 66 percent more likely to suffer a heart attack, while single women were between 60 and 65 percent more chance of getting it, compared to married people.

This difference between single and married was even greater when it came to the risk of dying from a heart attack: single men had a 60 to 168 percent higher risk of dying during the subsequent 28 days, while single women were 71 175 percent more likely to die after the episode.

The reason why marriage could have this effect is unclear. The researchers suggest several to consider. For example: that married people can live in better economic conditions, in a healthier way, following different care to avoid heart problems and with more friends and social support. In addition, married people may call an ambulance earlier than those who are alone.

In this way, these results increase the evidence on the advantages of a good marriage for your health and that of your heart, as it is not the first investigation that reaches these conclusions.

For example, we had already told you about another study developed by scientists from the University of Utah, according to which women tend to somatize emotional problems than men, so a complicated marriage can have health repercussions and promote the development of the so-called metabolic syndrome  (which includes the accumulation of fat in the abdomen area and an increase in the level of pressure , triglycerides , “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and blood sugar ). This syndrome increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

We had also referred to other research on the advantages of marriage for health in general. In this case, it was an investigation developed by scientists from the University of Cardiff, in the United Kingdom, according to which marriage and stable relationships allow people to enjoy better physical and mental health, and demonstrates that Married people are less likely than single people to die early (especially men) or to suffer heart disease  and cerebrovascular diseases (strokes) . According to this analysis, in addition, women would have better mental health when accompanied.

In light of these findings, and now that you know how much your emotional life can affect your physical health, reflect honestly on your quality of life. If you have a stable partner and both are happy, then they have a great advantage, but if you are alone or alone, do not despair, because as the saying goes, “better alone than in bad company”, because maintaining a stormy or distressing relationship can be even worse than not having it. Of course it is difficult to make the decision to separate but sometimes it may be the healthiest option. And remember, above all, that people who end a bad relationship usually recover and enjoy a better quality life, with greater happiness and tranquility after divorce  or separation.

In any case, taking care of your heart is an everyday task, regardless of your marital status. Eat healthy , exercise , do not smoke  and do not abuse alcoholic beverages. All this is essential for good heart health, although if you live as a couple, you already have an advantage.

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