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Why did I forget things? What you should know about memory

Has it ever happened to you that you can’t find the house key or don’t know where you left the glasses? It is a very common problem, since most people experience occasional moments of memory loss, and cannot always blame themselves on their age. In reality the causes are many, and although they rarely indicate serious problems, they can interfere with the normal activities of daily life.

“Why did I come to this room?”, Or “I was going to tell you something but… I forgot!” Something similar happened to us all. Temporary forgetfulness is more common in people who are naturally distracted. If you are one of them, the remedy is simply to try to pay more attention to what you do. But distraction or lack of attention is one thing, and the loss of cognitive ability, including memory, is another.

Causes of transient memory loss

When you begin to have these episodes of brief forgetfulness, you have to look for the cause. There are many reasons that can make you forget things, even slightly, or what is known as loss of transient memory. Among the most common are:

  • Drugs . Among them if you take antidepressants, antihistamines, muscle relaxants, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, medicines to combat anxiety and pain relievers (pain medications) that are prescribed after surgery .
  • Alcohol . The excess of alcohols a known cause of memory loss.
  • Snuff . Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain and, as a consequence, impairs the functioning of memory .
  • Drugs . Its continuous use causes changes in the chemical substances of the brain, which makes it difficult to remember things.
  • Sleeplessness . Both the amount of sleep and its quality affect memory. If you sleep very little or wake up frequently during the night, you may feel fatigued. And fatigue interferes with the ability to capture information and remember it later .
  • Depression and anxiety . If you are depressed, it is difficult for you to pay attention and concentrate, which affects memory. The same goes for anxiety. When you feel tense, you cannot concentrate and your ability to remember decreases .
  • Stress . If the cause of stress is an emotional trauma, it can lead to memory loss .
  • Poor nutrition . Good nutrition is important for the proper functioning of the brain. You must include high quality proteins and fats in your diet. Do not forget, in addition, that the deficiency of vitamins B1 and B12 can affect memory .
  • Aging . It usually causes difficulty learning new things, or you may need more time to learn them. But it does not usually produce a significant loss of memory, unless it is accompanied by some disease .

More serious causes of memory loss

Sometimes memory loss occurs as a result of more serious problems, and may or may not be temporary. All these problems require immediate medical treatment. Do not neglect and seek help in any of these cases :

  • Head injuries . A strong blow to the head can cause short or long term memory loss. Usually, the memory returns slowly .
  • Stroke (or stroke) . It occurs when the blood supply to the brain stops due to the blockage of a blood vessel, or the spillage of a blood vessel in the brain. Stroke sometimes causes a temporary loss of memory. In some cases, the patient remembers exactly what happened years ago, but not what happened the day before .
  • Dementia . It is the progressive loss of memory and other aspects of thought, serious enough to hinder the functioning of daily life activities. Although there are several causes (such as alcohol and drug abuse), the most common is Alzheimer’s disease .

As you can see, occasional forgetting does not have to be a cause for concern. But if you notice that they repeat more than the account or that interfere with your daily activities, it is convenient that you go to the doctor for an evaluation. Maybe everything is easily resolved by replacing a medication or a change in your habits or lifestyle. And if the cause is a more serious problem, remember that the earlier it is detected and treated, the more likely it is to find a solution.

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