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E.ON’s first solar foray

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eoneneergyGerman utility E.ON is launching its first solar farm near the southern French town of Le Lauzet, about 93 miles  north of Marseille.

The company, based in Dusseldorf, say that when all of the sections are completed  the solar facility will have a capacity of 5 megawatts and will cover an area of more than 49 acres.

At full capacity operation the plant will cut more than 4,270 tons of CO2 emission a year.

“Given its high levels of solar radiation the site in the region Alpes de Haute Provence is ideally suited for the generation of solar power,” the company says.

The plant at Le Lauzet uses various modules made by different manufacturers, including thin-film modules manufactured at E.ON’s production facility in Magdeburg, which recently opened. The idea is to test the performance and efficiency of different modules under field conditions, E.ON says.

“The sun and its enormous power will play a key role in future energy supply. But this will only happen if we learn to use it as thoroughly and efficiently as wind and water,” says Chairman Wulf H. Bernotat. “We have already been generating carbon-free hydropower on an industrial scale for a century. With wind energy we are also getting there. And we are now starting with solar.”

From 2007 to 2011, E.ON will will invest 8 eight billion euros ($11.3 billion) to expand renewable energy sources.

“The aim is to have at least 10 gigawatts of generation capacity based on renewables by 2015,” the company says.

By 2030 it wants to produce 35 percent of its power from renewable sources, 25 percent of which will mostly come from wind, solar, biomass and biomethane. Hydropower will account for about 10 percent.

Together with nuclear, E.ON will then be generating half of its electricity from carbon-free sources, with the other half coming from coal and gas-fired power plants.

E.ON’s solar farm news comes about a week after BP Solar, part of the alternative energy business unit of BP Plc, teamed up with Frankfurt’s RGE Energy AG to announce plans to build a large-scale solar power facility with a peak power output of more than 46MW. The plant, which will be located at a former military airfield at Koethen in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany will use 210,000 crystalline photovoltaic modules, each with a peak power output of 220 watts.

The partners have also agreed to build a 15-MW solar power facility at Eberswalde airport near Berlin.

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Written by William DiBenedetto

11 June, 2009 at 12:27 pm

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