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EPA provides guidance to states on clean energy

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cleantech1The Environmental Protection Agency is providing extensive guidance to state and local environmental managers looking for the best ways to cut greenhouse gas emissions while saving money.

EPA has released what it says is a “first-of-its-kind guide” along with a load of other information, tools and resources on its website to help states adopt current best practices and available resources as they adopt clean energy programs and policies.

“States spend about 10 percent of their operating budgets on energy bills, yet these costs can be greatly reduced by implementing well-designed energy management and greenhouse gas reduction programs,” the agency said.

As an example, EPA cited New York, where a 2001 executive order directed state agencies to reduce their energy consumption by 35 percent by 2010 relative to 1990 levels. The state saved $54.4 million in energy costs through energy efficiency actions between fiscal years 2001-2002 and 2003-2004.

The agency’s 410-page “Clean Energy-Environment Guide to Action” which is part of the State Climate and Clean Energy Program, helps states identify the strategies, resources and tools best suited to their energy needs. “Each strategy has been tested and is proven to be cost effective,” EPA said.

The guide “is designed to share the experiences and lessons learned from successful state clean energy policies and to help state evaluate these options, programs and policies to determine what it most appropriate for them.”

It describes 16 clean energy policies that encompass planning, tax, grant and loan incentive structures for states, “leading by example,” energy efficiency portfolio standards, building codes for energy efficiency, state appliance efficiency standards, renewable portfolio standards, fostering green power markets and the removal of utility rate barriers to distributed generation.

Some more links to  the EPA’s clean energy programs for states and the guide’s 42-page Executive Summary.


Written by William DiBenedetto

24 June, 2009 at 4:38 pm

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