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Sunday sidetrack — William Gibson

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I’m reading Spook Country by William Gibson, one of my faves. All of his stuff is well worth exploring. A stylish writer writing about the reality we live in the cyber age. In fact I believe he coined the term ‘cyberspace’ in his early novel Neuromancer

Anyway I’m reading along in SC and there’s snippet of conversation:

“But think about blogs, how each one is actually trying to describe reality.”

“They are?’

“In theory.”


“But when you look at blogs, where you’re most likely to find the real info is in the links. It’s contextual, and not only who the blog’s linked to, but who’s linked to the blog.”

He’s perceptive and correct as usual. I have been blogging only a few months but in the blogosphere it’s more about the stacking of links and the race to pile up the most tags, rather than the content or the message. It’s as if the blog does not exist without the requisite number of links vying for attention in each post.

It makes it too easy.


Written by William DiBenedetto

28 June, 2009 at 5:11 pm

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