Run yes, but to the extent just

Moderation is the key: even athletes can be injured if they go too far in practice.There are several studies that show that runners who train in excess can be putting at risk the health of the heart.

As in other areas of life, the rule is also repeated with physical exercise: “neither so much nor so little”. That is, we must fight sedentary lifestyle, which is harmful to health, but without going to the other extreme, because exercise too much does not provide benefits to the body.

Even athletes and dancers who train daily get hurt and must be very careful not to damage their body. There are even studies that prove that exercising excessively can affect a woman’s fertility and her chances of getting pregnant .

Also, according to a review of several studies that has been published recently in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings , athletes who train chronically to compete, for example in marathons, triathlons and other long distance competitions, could be damaging the health of the heart.

Surprising, right? Especially if we take into account that exercise is one of the main allies when it comes to caring not only for the health of the heart, but also for the entire circulatory system , the respiratory tract and health in general. In fact, there are several studies that show that moderate exercise gives many benefits to the body.

However, all excesses are bad and sport is not the exception to this rule. In another study developed by researchers from the Ochsner Medical System in New Orleans, which was presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, researchers followed nearly 53,000 men and women.

Among the participants, about 27 percent were runners. To evaluate them, they were followed up for around 15 years on average and, during this time, they found that those who ran had a 19 percent lower chance of dying from any cause, compared to non-runners.

But what was striking was that the risk turned out to be lower only in athletes who ran less than 20 miles (32 kilometers) a week, two to five days a week or at a speed of six to seven miles (9.6 to 11, 2 kilometers) per hour (about 10 minutes per mile / 7 minutes per kilometer). On the contrary, those who ran greater distances, faster or more than seven miles per hour did not show any benefit.

Now, if you are one of those who tend to sit in front of the television or computer, this news does not give you reasons to remain motionless before the screen, because it only refers to actually exercising excessively.

In contrast, most people suffer from other health problems caused largely by the sedentary lifestyle, so characteristic of modern societies, which abound in foods high in fat and calories and time to exercise and Getting in motion does not seem to exist.

Remember that adopting healthy habits can improve your quality of life and keep your body in shape for longer. A running has been said, but in its fair measure!

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