Tips to have a healthy smile

When your partner tells you that smiling you look prettier or more handsome, believe him, it’s true. A healthy smile can beautify you faster than any make-up or plastic surgery. In addition, it is much easier to achieve and is almost free. You just need to take care of your mouth and your teeth every day.

What you should not believe is what advertising tells you … you need to invest in expensive products or complicated treatments to have a healthy smile. Caring for your oral health to have that nice smile does not require you to do anything different from what your mother always advised you. In Life and Health we remind you of some of those tips to take care of your oral hygiene and keep your smile beautifully healthy.

Brush your teeth. Think about everything you do with your mouth: eat, talk, drink your morning coffee, receive fresh breaths, taste your favorite sweet … For each one of those things, there are residues between your teeth that turn into bacteria quickly .

Clean teeth equals healthy teeth. To keep your teeth clean you should brush them with a fluoride toothpaste (toothpaste) after each meal and floss daily. This will help prevent cavities caused by bacteria that accumulate in the yellow plaques that are formed by food waste. Use a soft bristle brush and change it at least every three months.

Take care of your gums If you do not clean your mouth daily, the bacteria can end up causing gum diseases such as gingivitis, or worse, periodontitis. And in the most serious cases it can happen that the bacteria enter the bloodstream (to the blood). The key to healthy gums is to use the silk (thread) daily to remove all the food residue that the brush can not clean. Also, try not to use very strong toothbrushes that hurt them.

Fresh breath Bad breath can sometimes be due to poor digestion, but it can also be due to the bacteria in your mouth. Brushing your teeth and using dental floss help, but also try brushing your tongue. Yes! The tongue can also accumulate bacteria that cause a bad smell. You can also finish your oral hygiene ritual with a mouthwash.

Be careful with the sweets. Do you remember that mom said that sweets cause cavities (stings)? Well, he was absolutely right. Although toothpastes with fluoride help protect your teeth, when you eat sweet (or any other carbohydrate) and the bacteria in your mouth come in contact with it, an acid is produced that corrodes your teeth and can cause cavities.

But it’s not about never eating sweets again. The key is that you wash your teeth after eating them, to avoid sticking residue.

Go to the dentist. Although there are things you can do for yourself, it is important that you visit your dentist at least once a year (ideally two) to do a deep cleaning and check the condition of your teeth and gums. He or she can discover things that you do not see so easily.

Did you see how easy it is? Thus, with a little care and will, you can continue to show a healthy smile for many years. Because you know, there’s nothing a beautiful smile can not achieve.

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